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Lauren is an artistically driven person by always integrating creativity into her life and feels destined to live her life dedicated to Interior Design.  Following her heart, she finds joy in creating aesthetically pleasing atmospheres that you can call “home”.  The art of design is an inherent instinct but also a learned skill, Lauren trained in the field for two years at a high-end residential Interior design Firm. She graduated with honors with an Associates Degree in Interior Design from Scottsdale Community College, earned a 3-year Professional Certificate in Interior Design and completed a Bachelors Degree in Public Management from NAU.  Finding great pleasure in studying and perfecting the main elements of design, these include an understanding of shape, color, texture, light and rhythm in a manner complementary to the vicinity. These elements are memorized, implemented and practiced on a regular basis. She prides herself on creating personal, customized & pleasant spaces for each client individually

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