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Grout it out!

Dark grout! Yes!

During remodels there are many decisions that are left to be made the one that gets left by the wayside is grout color. Grout is literally the last thing that is installed during the tile process and is often the last thing on our minds. "We pick that too ?" "I didn't know that grout colors were even an option". Yes! and a decision that could make all the difference for your space! Different grout colors will tell different stories.

Light Grout, Makes it look like tile trying to be wood, not good.

For instance, all the craze right now is wood look tile and I think it is revolutionary, but that is a whole other blog, however if the correct grout color isn't selected it doesn't turn out "wood-look" tile it turns out to be tile, that looks like wood,but still looks like tile. Which is two totally different things. And generally not what we are hoping it will be. My rule of thumb is to select grout that is the same color as the field (main color) or the same color as the darkest veins (those swiggly lines that make it look like wood). As you can see in the picture to the left, white grout was placed with a blonde wood-look tile. The outcome is something left to be desired, first of all you can see all the grout lines perfectly. In real wood floors you can not see spaces between the planks but you can see the edges. Using dark grout or grout that blends with your tile will trick you eye into thinking it is seeing the edges of the planks not grout.


In addition to wood look tile, another example of grout color making a world of a difference is subway tile. This classic look has made a come-back in it's timeless design. However, light and dark grout tell two different stories with our favorite 3x6 white tiles. One is not better than the other but just different design outcomes.

White Grout White Tile

Seeing different outcomes with grout color selection is evident, sometimes we just don't think of it until someone points it out. White grout with white tile provides a more seamless look which will bring a bright and airy space. Choosing a dark grout with white tiles will give you a more distinct and maybe a bit more "edgy" look. Both beautiful in their own way, but here's to hoping you choose the right one for your space.

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